Saturday, 23 February 2013


Kane turned four back in January, but I am a little behind on blog posts so i'll try and catch up a little!

He asked if he could have a fish birthday... For those of you who really know me I'm not a true crafter. I love to think I am... but its not a natural thing! Anyways the night before Kane turned four, I crafted... anything for my boys :)

He loved it all... so it was a success. The day of his birthday we surprised him by taking the boys swimming. We went in the back door of the rec center, and I've never seen him so excited. For those who read this thinking "wow you should take your kids swimming more often" haha then your right but the closest pool that is kid friendly is an hour and a half drive... so we do our best! We had Boston Pizza for lunch (another treat for us) where they sang to a very happy kid!

His birthday was fun. Only two of the kids invited were able to make it, but it just meant more treats for the ones that did come :) and extra goodie bags are always a good thing!

Here's a few pictures of the day :)
hard to see the fish... but they are there!

fish treats
doing crafts

happy birthday!

pinterest inspired fishing rod cupcakes

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