Wednesday, 25 April 2012


6 months have flown by... and baby Tel is fat and flourishing :) Hard to believe he's already halfway to being a toddler.


can't sit up, he doesn't seem to like it... even on your lap he'd much rather stand up and jump around.
loves to eat... just last night I was feeding him rice cereal and he had this silly sleepy grin on his face and he fell asleep with the spoon in his mouth.
rolls all over the place
can only "talk" on the intake of a breath
gets fussy when theres lots of people around, so socially he might end up more like Rye.
giggles when he you give him kisses, and when you take his socks off
sleeps in his new room and always until 4am no matter what time you put him to bed
still sleeps with his hands up

I love this stage when he loves to be held, wants cuddles, and is soo smiley :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Took a little tour in the farm truck the other night to see if the sucker fish were starting to go upstream. Nothing jumping yet but it was a beautiful night for a drive. So instead of fish we saw about 15 elk, some deer, and a fox.

Tel was asleep in the truck... I promise we bring him everywhere too! Woke up in time for a sleepy smily picture :)


This past weekend my friend Jacklyn came down with her little boy Landon, who is the same age as Kane. They get along so well, and Rye loves to follow along and do whatever they are doing too! Not a super exciting weekend as far as activities go... but it was fun to have long talks, remember the old days, and have some laughs too! I love the friends I have like Jacklyn that when you see them again its almost as though no time has gone by... and then a boy comes running over with a snotty nose, wipes it on your leg and your back to the reality that six years and a few kids has passed :)

Here's a few pictures of how this weekend looked...

excited for easter suprises :)

matching jammies - thanks jax

as good as it gets...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


So for Rye's birthday we got him a motorized John Deere "back hoe" You would think with the size of the box and the cost of toys like this they could at least have it all together for you. So Friday when I asked Brennan if it was all ready for Rye, he told me he got frusterated and gave up putting it together...
On days like that I wish my Papa were still alive and living nearby he'd have it screwed together, pieces snapped and wiped clean in a matter of 20 minutes, and without the slightest sign of frusteration. So when you want something done you have to do it yourself (around here anyways) With many signs of frusteration I started taking the toy apart (Brennan forgot to look at the instructions) So I un-did (I do realize thats not a word - but in this case it works) all of Brennan's efforts, and started on my own. Two hours later with Bren's help on the last piece... It was done! Only a day late, but Rye will never know the difference!

I realize this sounds pathetic on a few levels... but the look on their faces was worth all the dirt that was all over me from rolling around the shop floor, the slivers of metal and wood in my hands from the shop floor, the panicked hunting for mini screws, and re-doing the same things over and over until it was finally perfect... well close enough!

Of course around our place everything is shared so as much as its for Rye as a birthday present, it will belong to all the boys around here. I don't think words are necessary when you look at these pictures! They were beyond thrilled...

seems they came to a compromise...