Saturday, 13 August 2011


So our trip of course, was way short! We left here on Tuesday evening drove to Lethbridge and stayed with Brennans aunt and uncle, then headed to Castlegar on Wednesday. I finally got to meet my cousins little guy Ryler he is 10 months and adorable. We spent the two days there suntanning, playing on the beach and boating... seriously amazing to just relax and do nothing! I loved it, and I think the boys did too :) Saturday we headed to my mom and dads, got Sunday of convention, and then it was family time! It's been almost 2 years since I was home last, and we only stayed 4 days so I got as much family time in for the boys as possible. I think that part was successful and hopefully now they will recognize their family. Isn't that terrible that my kids barely know their other side of the family, it is terrible and mostly my fault! Anyways I promised myself as we pulled away from the Island on the ferry that it won't be so long before we go again aaannnnd we'll stay longer then 4 days. But regardless of the shortness we had a great time with all my family. My sister gave the boys so much love and fun they won't be forgetting her anytime soon! And of course lots of love from grandma and poppa too! Here's a few of my favourite pictures of the trip. sorry if I get carried away with too many pics :)



loving the beach

Me and Kane

Rye wishing it wasn't so cold so he could jump in too!

loved swimming with mom and dad

all the boys on the trampoline

Alicia and Ryler

Ferry ride

so excited to be at the "locean"

playing with poppa

petting zoo with auntie Samantha

loved the goats

presents from great gram

kayaking with auntie

wading in the ocean


picking fresh nectarines

Kane giving Rye's feet some tickles!

Monday, 1 August 2011


So I ended my last post by saying that "this is my life, and I wouldn't change a thing". But when I looked at it again and again I realized how much I sound like one of those moms/wives that is so so happy with their life you almost wonder if they're for real? But lets be clear, if I could change somethings sometimes, I definitly would. But when I look at 2 happy healthy boys along with my growing belly and a great hubby, I can't help but feel that I have so much to be thankful for! And what right do I have to feel entitled to change anything...

So I hope no one read the last post and started gagging as I mushed on and on about how great my life is and what an important job I have as a mother. Of course I would love to change a few things (if I let it, the list could be endless :) but because I feel blessed everyday for what I DO have I think i'll continue to enjoy my life the way it is.