Saturday, 29 October 2011


On October 25 we welcomed boy number 3 to our family. He was born at 9:33am through c-section. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 21" long. He looked alot like Rye initially but as the days go by he is very much his own little person. He has such long fingers and toes (where did those come from!) but otherwise his chubby little cheeks and button nose fit right in with Kane and Rye's looks. He had some trouble with oxygen levels on day one and so they had him on IV, oxygen, and monitors trying to figure out why he kept having little spells where he would just quit breathing. After night one he never had any more trouble breathing on his own, and the Dr couldn't see anything on all the testing they did as to what the problem was so they figure it must have been the anestethic from my spinal. So after lots of worrying about nothing we got to come home yesterday! Life will be soo much different with 3 I can see that already, and especially when I can't do what I normally do for a few more weeks! But baby Tel is so loved already, besides the squishes and occasional foot in the head from big brothers :)

I'm here!

Happy mama!

SOO in love!

IV in my hand

Going home!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011



Looking through photo's of this past year reminds me how fast my babies are growing up. They will both be big brothers in a week!! So hard to believe, and I can still remember the newborn snuggles from each of them! I love every stage that they go through as babies, and now toddlers and little boys. I wish I could hang on to them forever as these little munchkins, but little by little they are letting go of me and growing more and more independent...

Saturday, 15 October 2011


So lately our lives have been completely filled with regular days, which is very nice when you feel like a large beached whale waiting to pop any moment. And for those of you who don't know they moved my c-section date to the 25th... which is another story for another time :) Its been pretty blustery outside the last few days so mostly inside days, but we did get lots of yardwork done and things cleaned up and ready for winter!

Anyways me and the boys are living the good life while dads away in the USA this weekend picking up some skidoo's for the soon to be snowy days! We spent the first day in Brandon just poking around a few stores we never have time to go to, and it was a nice way to fill in a day that would otherwise seem very long with no dad or hubby. Then today we had a play date and then an art project i've been meaning to do... and since no baby... why not get at it! So i bought a large 30 x 60 canvas for the boys room... and let them go at it with paint brushes :) not a gorgeous result but they had so much fun making a mess it makes me smile everytime i look at it!

showing me their new lightning mcqueen slippers