Wednesday, 25 January 2012


always puts his hands up over his ears! so cute :)


I still remember as though it was only 3 months ago instead of 3 years ago, the day Kane came into our lives. Of course the way he came into our world wasn't at all how we had planned but he did finally arrive after lots of anxious waiting!

The doctor was so sure that I would have my baby within 8 hours of our arrival at the hospital, but Kane took his sweet time and came 16 hours later...

This was our first lesson that children totally change us, our lives, our way of thinking, our expectations... completely. There is no such thing planning, or organizing with kids. I mean go ahead, you might get lucky the odd time, and maybe its different with girls I don't know :) But normally, someone pukes, poops, falls, spills... your best chance at keeping sane is to be open to the fact that your planning can go flying out the window any second, or just don't even plan at all!

Kane has changed our world. We love him to pieces and think he's pretty amazing! He says the funniest things and loves to make us all laugh. He teaches me patience everyday. I'm thankful beyond I could write on here, that he is mine :)

The birthday supper was pretty simple, hot dogs, pizza, and wings. Cupcakes for dessert, balloons for decoration, and one super excited boy that is now "free" :) A few friends, a couple cousins and brothers completed the party!

number three pancakes :)


he looks angry here but he was soo excited for presents!

no trouble blowing out candles this year!

loves the icing...

my cutest niece... shes so sweet!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So as January slips by it seems to be disguising itself as April. The weather has been making me very optimistic that spring will be here sooner then later. Of course as I write this post I can hear the wind gusting at about -15 so I'm sure I'm jinxing myself by writing about it! But seriously!? Its been as high as 11 degrees in some parts of Saskatchewan and the sunny melting days... its making me dream of summer and all the outdoor things I hope to get done! However its only January and I'm sure mother nature just thinks its funny to tease us. But for now i'll take all the nice days I can get!

On a more wintery note, we took the boys skating on one of the puddles that froze over :) They loved it and feel like they're big hockey players now! Me - I feel like my toe is broken after Kane saw Rye  who was skating with Brennan jumping and then digging his heels in the ice and making big marks. So before I could warn Kane not to try that game with me...  Kane missed the ice after his jump and hit my big toe instead.... twice! (Brennan was wearing steel toes)

Kane is now potty trained WOOO HOOO! After a short break we're back on track  and you know sometimes people say "oh he'll get it, it'll click...etc" I honestly never believed them! Until now - Its seems like something has really clicked, I think, (here I go jinxing myself again) he tells me he needs to pee, and hasn't had any accidents in a few days now.
On days like today I look at Kane and can't believe my biggest boy is almost 3!

Time is flying...

so awesome having Kyle around! the boys LOVE him!

spectator :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

END OF 2011

Christmas 2011 was a perfect collection of good things! A quick trip to my mom and dads with most of the family. Then a birthday celebration for my mom, and a couple of fun filled days at my aunt and uncles! I'm sure the pictures will explain the trip better then any words I could write on here! However you have to scroll through lots and lots of pictures!

Sometimes its hard for me to believe how fast time seems to fly by. When we are looking forward to something it seems time takes its sweet time going by, and when were in a moment that is amazing time has a way of slipping quickly by. Amazing watching year after year go by realizing that someday all my years and time will be gone. My resoloution this year is to try and enjoy every moment of my life.

Happy 2012 everyone!

christmas afternoon!

cute little grin!

playing cars with uncle erwin

kane and uncle landon

tel and poppa!

jumping around the kitchen (it's harder then it looks!)

game night

kyle and rye

kane trying to do "thumbs up"

rye hated that idea

happy 50th mum!

first family photo since... 1997ish?

me and my brother and sisters
just havin some cake

tel and auntie samantha

and we're SMILING! so sweet!

Kane, Ryler, & Rye

special picnic!

so grown up with their grown up cups!

Cheers to a new year...