Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Kane Walker - 4 Years 3 Months and 1 day

Kane, Kaney, Kane Wayne...

Kane is definitly the oldest child. He loves to talk and has 4 million questions about anything. Lots of evenings at the table he'll say "lets go in the living room and just chat" He always makes sure everyone is doing what they've said they would do, & acts like a second mother to his brothers. If one of them gets hurt, Kane is like a siren. "MOM TEL HAD AN ACCIDENT, HURRY, NOW!!"  He can make his own bed, get fully dressed himself, he loves to help, and is incredibley neat and tidy for a 4 year old. He is learning to tell time, and he can write and spell his own name. He likes to help in the kitchen but only if it involves the food, and cooking. He is such a good helper outside, feeding animals, shoveling snow, and gathering eggs. He acts so mature somedays I need to remind myself not to expect so much from him because he's still just a little boy.  He still likes snuggles in the morning, and kisses at night, he still says "buckundle" instead of "unbuckle" and loves knock knock jokes. He loves to say grace for our meals, and has a memory that amazes us all the time. He likes playing trucks and sharks, he gets upset when Rye won't play with him. He gets genuinly excited about everything he does, and is such an awesome and defensive big brother. He doesn't like noodles or perogies, & he doesn't like broken crackers. His voice is always in outdoor mode, he loves music, and making up songs "maybe I love you and maybe I don't" (thats the latest)
he needs a nap everyday in order to function
still needs 2 blankies and a teddy to sleep
love him!
Rye Tucker - 3 Years 0 Months and 22 Days
Rye, Rye Guy, Ruh-Rye, Tucky
Rye is our second baby. He's funny without even trying. When he see's us laughing he just keeps it up! Rye loves to copy what you say "just be nice... right mom?" :) He loves to point out when he's not doing the deed that someone is getting in trouble for doing! He is fully potty trained day & night (WOO!) He loves his brothers, whatever Kaney does he does too. He is gentle natured and when he hurts or upsets someone he is quick with sorry and a hug. He loves to kiss! You get about 15 kisses when you run to town for groceries! Rye is our messy kid he would rather Kane make his bed and is often heard saying "you'll clean up right kaney" He loves trucks, quads, skidoos, bikes, and all things boy! He loves the sandbox and running around outside in the dirt or snow! Rye has the biggest easiest smile you've ever seen. He loves having tubbies and hates napping. He almost never sleeps in the day and is most often found on the floor quietly quadding or hauling cows. He loves hockey, and showing us tricks. When bed time rolls around he says "mama my feels like going to bed" and he's out! Rye is more reserved, and more cautious then Kane. He loves to cuddle in the chair anytime, and always calls me in after he's been tucked in for the night for "cobers please" (covers) Rye loves most foods, and powdered timbits are his fave. He loves to dance, and thinks the word poop is funny. He can say "think, and thanks" but calls his thumb his "flumb"
love him too!
Tel Oscar - 1 Year 5 Months and 29 Days
Tel, Telly, Bean, Ellie, Boo

Last but not the least is our littlest man. Tel is the best kid. He has the most laid back nature, and nothing fazes him. He can fall down stairs and get up laughing. He can get bowled over by his brothers, and just reach for his cheerios still laying in the same postion he was knocked into. He toodles around the house getting into whatever is left for him to get into, the bag of flour, dishwasher tabs, a stick of butter, leftover juice on the counter... he's fairly destructive, if his brothers are building a tower they scream when they see him coming because he'll just back into it and knock it all down. Tel can say "mum mum, dad, ta ta, pup (means up) pop ( means water, milk, juice) ba (ball)" besides that he shows no interest in communicating with words. He prefers grunts to get his point accross. Tel loves his nuckie (soother) and loves his blankie and gives a little giggle when he knows its time for bed (sooo lucky he loves to sleep) he likes to go to bed early and wake up earlier. He loves to eat. He loves being outside and laughs when he escapes onto the deck. He loves tubbies too and drinks about 5 gallons of water everytime. He has bad excema and his toes and feet drive him crazy. Tel is a gentle thing (still lookout when you build a tower though:) and is smiley and happy. He's easy to look after, and so easy to love. He cuddles and kisses and loves to be "pup pup" where he can see whats going on.
we all love him!



Can not believe our middle man is already 3... He desperately wanted a "harshmellow" (marshmellow) birthday party, and an elephant! However he decided that a skidoo cake & banner would be okay too! I searched for some mini skidoos to make a mountain cake, but couldn't find any so settled for dairy queen!  We had a small family birthday party, and the next day was easter, so they had their sugar intake for the year in one weekend! Rye loved all his gifts but rathered Kane opened them (which kane was okay with ;)

Still can't believe we've had this handsome man for three years, where does time go!!?

thanks for the hockey nets grammie! we all love them :)