Tuesday, 29 May 2012


25 always seemed so far away... but here I am!

Bren made breakfast, after "happy birday" snuggles from 3 my little boys.

Kane was confused at first "But mama it can't be a birthday cuz we have no muffins" So we whipped up some cupcakes and the birthday was on :)

Flowers, new baby chicks, and the happy birthday song sung a few dozen times... then cupcakes and a quick visit from an old friend and her kiddos.

It was the perfect way to start being 25!

so sweet!

good helpers :)

Friday, 18 May 2012


Kane - 3years 4months
Rye - 2years 2month
Tel - 6months 3 weeks

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Lately it seems that every few weeks mother nature will give us a gorgeous sunny day.

Tuesday was one of those days... and who am I to tell my kids when its sooo beautiful outside that they have to go inside and have a nap. So this is what happens...

I LOVE moments like this...

mowing the lawn is such hard work...

happy in the sunshine!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Sometimes my kids come out with the funniest things, and I always think "I should remember that and write it down" However that never happens, and it leaves me wishing I could remember what made us all laugh so much just hours before... I suppose thats what happens to brain cells when you have pregnancy brain for 3 years straight! Not everything they say is funny, sometimes it gets pretty serious.

Yesterday morning shortly after he woke up Kane said "Mama, maybe god wants us this morning"
Me: "what do you mean he wants us, you mean to do something?"
Kane: "No maybe he wants us to die and go to heaven today"
Me: "Yah maybe...."

I'm glad yesterday wasn't the day god wanted us all, because I was lacking in sleep, and therefore patience, and kindness. However I am thankful that god has given me these little boys who remind me  constantly what is most important.
Brennan's mom came home last week, so I apologize for when I said nothing new was going on here! It just seems natural to see her truck in the driveway, a light on next door etc... A few days after she was home Kane said to me "Pa's in heaven and Grammie's hoooOOme" I guess he was a bit confused when she was in Laos so long! But having her back, to the boys it just makes sense!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Just a few pictures, they mostly explain themselves! K and R play so good together latley... so glad that they're best pals. And they're pretty good with little bro too. When Tel starts fussing Kane says "mama go do Tel"

Anyways nothing too new around here, were just waiting for the sun to come and stay...

playing meeting

gettin tubby... i looove it!

my only boy without baby blues