Wednesday, 21 December 2011


SO SO excited to be heading home for christmas! We are leaving this friday to head to my mom and dad's for 3 days. However I will not be complaining about the limited time, because I will take whatever I can get! The boys have been enjoying the festivities around our house, wrapping and decorating gifts, putting stickers on our christmas cards, making cookies, and of course loving our twinkly lights :) Today (after being a week behind with everything!) I made a christmas ball wreath (loove how it turned out!) and finished up the last of the family pictures we sent out! We are having a gift exchange at my mom and dads so were all finished our shopping and wrapping and just waiting to load the truck so we can go! Kane asks every morning "can we go see christmas yet?" He's so excited to go see the ocean, and see "Lana & Poppa" and of course play stickers with Auntie! I'm excited too! When I see the mountains, and the trees, and of course the ocean I realize how much I miss BC & home! And its the same feeling with my family! When I see them all at home, I realize how much I miss each of them in their own quirky ways ;) Life has taken us all in such different directions (mine just happens to be the furthest!) and how even if its only 3 days it is soo important to remember that time is precious!


So for those of you far (Grammie) and even those of you not quite that far, I'm sure your anxiously waiting the latest on baby Tel :) Tel was admitted to Regina General last Tuesday because our doctor at his checkup the previous day, finally decided his lack of weight gain at 6 weeks was something of a concern! So I took Tel up on Tuesday to see the peditrican, they ran blood test, urine samples, did a abdomenal ultra sound, and a reflux test (unfortunatley not all on tuesday though!) On friday we got the results and it shows that he has a severe case of reflux, and he wasn't keeping any formula down. So Saturday morning I requested a soy based formula, and that seemed to help immediatly. He is on 2 different medications for 4 weeks, and will hopefully outgrow the reflux in that time. He is still breast feeding, but the trouble was that he never got enough milk from me (2oz at the most) and when he spit up, sometimes he would loose half of what he ate, and didn't have enough to make him fat :) So Sunday afternoon we were allowed to come home after the 5 days in hospital (I LOVE coming home!) And we're hopeful that the schedule we are on now, will continue to help our little munckin grow :)

Monday, 5 December 2011


well today... I totally did. The other night I kindly asked my husband to move the huge bag of milk replacer from out of our hallway and put it away. For those of you who don't know, milk replacer is what you mix with water to then bottle feed the calves who have no mama. And since we sold all our baby calves a month ago... I thought it was time for it to move out of the hallway. But Brennan forgot to move it, and I forgot to remind him. In defence to us it has been a hallway fixture for 3 or 4 months now, so we hardly notice it in all its ugliness sitting in the hall. Anyways as I was making my bed for the second time this afternoon (because the boys had thrown all the covers and cushions off and on to the floor aparently its wayyy to hard to jump with them on) I heard the boys giggling like crazy. The last time I heard that was when they got into the dog food and threw it everywhere.

Hoping for the best I head down to the other end of the house only to find milk powder EVERYWHERE

Have you ever seen a grown woman cry, laugh, and scream, and wail all at once...

all down the hall...

all over the floor and bed (note the sheets are re-moved for better bounce... oh and all the kleenex pulled out of the box)

again with the sheets...

big F mama alright...

I hate hate hate calling my boys bad for doing "kid" things. I try to tell them rather that things they are doing aren't nice ect... but today I called them bad gave them a slap on the rear and sent them to their beds. Then when brennan came in for lunch kane told him that he'd been a bad boy but it was fun.

anyways after they're all tucked in for naptime I can hardly believe I was ever mad ;)

guess thats what being a mama is all about.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


This week has been so "full" that word about sums it up... of company, drs appts, & things going not quite the way they should. We had company or went somewhere every night this week! Had a nice visit with an old friend though, Tel is gaining weight back (woo hoo!) and Tim Hortons has finally arrived in Moosomin... so putting the bit of craziness aside its been a pretty awesome week :)

Kane asked me last night as we drove through town with all the xmas lights and decorations "what does santa says?" so I said in my most santa voice "ho ho ho" then he laughed and said "no thats what a whale says" --- he makes me laugh all the time... since when does my whale moan noise sound like santa - I think i'll have to work on that :)

We set up all our christmas decorations and Rye was so exctied when the lights came on the shelf. He keeps dancing around saying "Lits lits" which from a moms point of view is soo cute! And kane keeps looking up at the shelf and says "theres our christmas Rye" - gosh my kids are sweet ;)

Thats about all for around here Tel is almost 6 weeks... where does time go! December will be over before we know it and then comes Kane's 3rd bday and Rye's 2nd.... ahhhh!!
the boys pulled all the books of the shelf...

good thing they're so cute :)

making sure his soother doesn't go anywhere!

just took this picture 2 min ago :)

all my boys wrestling around!

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I don't know how people have anymore then 3 kids! Because I can't imagine life being any busier then it is right now! Even in this moment its busy, Kane is trying to play peek-a-boo with Tel he believes that their noses have to touch in order for Tel to see him tho so its like a full contact game! And Rye is jumping around from the bed to the love seat (I can forsee a wipe out happening anytime) Brennan comes in most evenings and is totally confused when I say that I am so tired... "what did you do all day" well lets see what today consisted of...
- make breakfast ( + clean up one spill)
- clean up breakfast
- get 3 boys dressed
- stop 4970523085729 fights over toys, bikes etc...
- tidy up the house
- make bren's birthday cake
- start lunch
- clean up lunch
- settle k & r down for a nap
- clean up the dirt that got all over the carpet (who knows how long the plant had been upside down)
- start thinking about supper....
okay so you get the idea that I rarely have a quiet non-busy moment :)
and this list does not include the 2 hour nursing schedule that Tel is on, or the diaper changes...
however its all totally worth it when I look through these pictures and see happy healthy boys who bring me (and us) so much joy :) wouldn't have it any other way!

Rye is really trying to talk which is sooo cute his grunty little noises make me smile and laugh all day  long! He is really a funny kid and makes me laugh constantly! And then there's Kane... he's such a big brother making all the rules, and coming out with the wildest things! Tonight he told Brennan "Tel doesn't like you dad" Bren said "well how come?" Kane said "cuz you got no milk in your boobies" Seriously the things that go through his head and then come out his mouth... you just never know!

I'll try harder to keep the blog updated a little better! Karen is safetly in Laos and its easier to keep updated on here then to send emails and large picture files to her all the time :) Bren turned 29 today, so hard to believe were getting so old (or he is anyway;)

here's pics of the latest and greatest from the last few weeks!

so one morning the boys decided cake would be good for breakfast...

skidoo ride on the new skidoo :)

last of the sunny days

gingerbread house, thanks daudi & adair!

Rye would rather eat then decorate :)

not interested in a hug

listening to kane...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


So this will be the shortest blog post ever :) these boys keep me moving constantly (like right now i can here tel's muffled complaints because his brothers threw a blanket over his head...) anyway heres the latest :)

so much love!

this never happens... curled up for a mid morning snooze on mom n dads bed!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So hard to believe that Tel is one week old already, November is here, and Halloween is over! Kane and Rye loved trick or treating, mainly the treats of course! Kane was a horse, and Rye was a cow. When I looked through the pictures I took I realize you can't really see their face in any pics, and can hardly see the costumes! They were so excited, and moving like crazy...

So along with the few halloween shots, come Tel's first bath at home, some baking, and lots of cuddles from the big bro's!  I am loving being a mom to these three amazing little boys.

Here's a few pics from the last few days :)
halloween cupcakes!

such a good helper :)


cow and horse


Saturday, 29 October 2011


On October 25 we welcomed boy number 3 to our family. He was born at 9:33am through c-section. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 21" long. He looked alot like Rye initially but as the days go by he is very much his own little person. He has such long fingers and toes (where did those come from!) but otherwise his chubby little cheeks and button nose fit right in with Kane and Rye's looks. He had some trouble with oxygen levels on day one and so they had him on IV, oxygen, and monitors trying to figure out why he kept having little spells where he would just quit breathing. After night one he never had any more trouble breathing on his own, and the Dr couldn't see anything on all the testing they did as to what the problem was so they figure it must have been the anestethic from my spinal. So after lots of worrying about nothing we got to come home yesterday! Life will be soo much different with 3 I can see that already, and especially when I can't do what I normally do for a few more weeks! But baby Tel is so loved already, besides the squishes and occasional foot in the head from big brothers :)

I'm here!

Happy mama!

SOO in love!

IV in my hand

Going home!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011



Looking through photo's of this past year reminds me how fast my babies are growing up. They will both be big brothers in a week!! So hard to believe, and I can still remember the newborn snuggles from each of them! I love every stage that they go through as babies, and now toddlers and little boys. I wish I could hang on to them forever as these little munchkins, but little by little they are letting go of me and growing more and more independent...