Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Halloween was fun this year because the two older kiddos understood and remembered what was happening... Kane woke up halloween morning and said "I can't wait to hit all the halloween buttons" (door bells :) We had a fun evening with friends and lots of treats. It was really cold, but Kane-o was a treat trooper, while the other two had a nap in the back :)
On a more sad note... the snow has arrived in saskatchewan and it looks like it'll be around for a while! K and R are loving it this year for about five minutes at a time!



Again, terrible with keeping the blog updated.

Sweet baby Tel is no longer a baby. He's a walking, singing, sweet little toddler. I still feel like he's my little baby, until I see him walking across the living room, and I realize my baby is growning up. I could write on and on and get all mama-mushy but the bottom line is I love this boy so so much. Telly still loves snuggling and cuddles, so i'll take them while they last :)
Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!