Monday, 27 February 2012


So after much searching for a sofa table...

I've found it!

Not a true rustic antique like most of my house hold treasures but still... I love it!

Plus it was a bargain... I love it that much more!

Still not set up exactly how I've been picturing in my head, but I'm getting closer.

Hope some of you can appreciate this feeling as much as me :)


Our boys are growing up so so quick... these stages that they're going through right now are just flying by and I wish I could capture them somehow and make it all slow down. However time keeps going on, so instead I have to remember these times as best as I can, and look forward to the next adventures.

I love these babies and any words I could try and write would never express just how much...

Kane age 3 -
can sing his abc, count to 12, auction like a pro,
feed the cows, run on the elliptical, make juice, clean his room,
loves vaccuming, sweeping, and general organization of all his toys (gets that from me)
knows what a miracle is, has a memory like a trap, loves dancing, painting and colouring, can do summersaults

kane says his prayers and loves to say thanks for the food
if I forget to kiss him goodnight he says "you fo'kiss me mama"
he has to have both blankets folded in half on his pillow to sleep
if he gets any snack, drink, anything he always gets one for "Rye Rye too"
he loves to watch franklin, arthur, and berenstain bears
he always speaks in full sentances
instead of need he says "leed"

Rye - age 23 months
words he can say mama, dad, tane, I (rye), elly (telly), dadle (kyle),
hehe (horsey) be ice (be nice) uh oh, cheese, poppa, annah (tanner), bubbie (tubbie)
loves tubbies, mucking outside, doing chores, riding bikes, looking at books, making all his animal noises
climbs on the counter, plays in the water cooler, empties the fridge, bumps his head, loves wearing everyones shoes

rye says his prayers to and they sound like this "dfhahdgskdjgh" amen
whatever kane can do, he can too ;)
he loves opening packages, getting his own gum out etc...
doesn't mind getting his hair washed (unlike big bro)
anything you ask him to say he will try
starting to put sentances together "tane hit me mama"
prounounces things so funny ex. tel is having boob he says "elly habin boop"
can shoot moose and bucks with his gun no matter where we are

Tel - age 4 months
can smile, giggle, roll over, grab his hanging toys
loves cuddles, being swaddled, kisses, snuggles, and his big brothers
can sleep through the night, puke like you've never seen, and eat like a horse
has ticklish toes, big ears, wispy strawberry hair, a huge grin, long fingers n toes and a button nose

tel is so laid back...
he can't do much of anything yet except make our life so much brighter
he'll be up and after his brothers in no time
so until then we love him just the way he is...

Thursday, 16 February 2012


So most valentines day's so far in my married life anyways, have been just like any other day. So Tuesday, the day of love, I headed to the city for some quick shopping with Kane & Tel, and to pick Kyle up at the airport. And Brennan took Rye went to the cattle auction for the day! I left at 9:00 and Brennan was just finishing up chores, a quick happy valentines day and a kiss and we both set off for the day.
But much to my suprise aaaaand if you know my husband at all you would know how unexpected this is!

Sometime before he left for the cow sale, he managed to slip to town, and make sure these were waiting on the counter when I got home...

Normally I'm not even a huge fan of roses, but there was something about them this time... maybe the bling on the vase, or the richness in the colour, or the heartfelt "love brennan" on the card ;)    Everytime I walk by them I can't help but smile! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


who knew playing could be such hard work!
thanks for my new sweater great-gram!

starting to look so big!

PROJECT : stripes

In our house we have one big long wall (being that our home is a 78' trailer) and it was originally that splashy beige and white paneling that came with our house, and then I primed it white... and then I was stumped as far as what would jazz that wall up!?  What to do with a huge long wall (huge to me wall) that somehow needed colour, and a colour that would blend brick red, and lime green. So one day it hit me... stripes!

and so stripes it is :)

The trouble with diving into a project (which is always how I seem to do it) is that you end up doing things twice... like when I realized my white stripe in the wall would only be half an inch wide because i forgot to buy one inch tape... sooo I just taped another half inch tape strip right under the first one. twice as much work but I really like how it turned out!!!
the prep work (see the first strip of paint tape...)

such a good helper!

finished product!

and now its no longer exciting... but I still love it :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012