Thursday, 28 June 2012


So last week we had to run into the city quickly for a few things. One things on my list, was to get the boys new bikes. They love riding the tricyles we have, but they couldn't get the hang of pedaling (our grass is old bumpy hay field, and the driveway is large gravel) unless it was down hill, and we have no hills in our yard... or even close by. So the boys would always push with their feet meanwhile scraping up their heels from the bar along the back, ouch!

Some friends of ours had got their little girl a strider bike, and the concept is perfect for this age of kiddos. They learn balance too so its easier to move to the next size bike.

Check out their face... they LOVE these bikes...

helping dad get it put together

couldn't stop smiling!

all ready to ride :)

Monday, 18 June 2012


So June has arrived and is slowly sneaking by without me even realizing! I wish that June had arrived in sunshiney glory... instead we've had more then our fair share of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It seems I'm doing more soggy laundry from the two little puddle jumpers (and the daddy one) then I did in April.

This past weekend my mom and dad touched down on their way home from a trip to Toronto. My kiddo's loved having Nana and Poppa... even if it was short!

Here's some of June's happenings...

after a hard day in the muck

my tubbie havin a tubbie :)

hot dog roast in the valley

best pals

poppa jumpin too

coffee & stories with nana
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sunday morning :)
nana and poppa and all their grandbabies