Wednesday, 28 September 2011



Can you believe its the end of September already!!? Days and months go by way to fast! Which in this case is totally fine with me because baby no. 3 is due in 2 short weeks! I am currently 36 weeks and 2 days and with a scheduled c-section they will take the baby at 38 weeks. Which again is totally fine with me because it seems my belly can't possibly get any bigger then it is right now! Anyways with the new baby coming shortly we've moved the boys out of their cribs and into "big boy beds" because I won't be able to lift them in and out after the c-section surgery. The boys love love love their beds and Kane tells anyone who comes to the door "come see my new bed" And after the first few naps and nights, they sleep in them just fine with only a minimal amount of falling out! So this will help me alot in a couple of weeks time, when its time to tuck them in!
So remember how I said we got a new dog, well I have to clarify that we now have 2 pups, thanks to brennan (again) anyways we now have 5 farm dogs! ARGHH.... but hopefully 2 will be rehomed soon :)

There really isn't much new for September... the leaves are falling off the trees, and reminding us that October is fast approaching and winter is too! Here's a few pics from the last couple of days the weather has been gorgeous and we've been enjoying it as much as we can!

playing in the gravel piles!

kane loves holding cheyanne!

sand box done and gravel spread!

Fossie and Jagg

new front deck started!

soon to be big brothers!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So end of August and into September.... its so crazy how fast summer days fly by and how much I am dreading the arrival of winter :(  However the weather has been gorgeous so far, things are getting done around the yard that haven't been thought of until the threat of winter closing in, and our baby no. 3 arrives in October so there is still SO much to look forward too (well mainly just the baby)! Brennan's sister and her 4 boys came for a quick trip before school started. We had lots of fun with them, Kane and Rye just love their big cousins. And now anytime I tell them I have a suprise, Kane says "my cousins are here!" and I have to gently let him down, and then it seems my suprise is never very cool after that!  Also at the end of August, the arrival our very first niece Cheyanne Ellen Blades, she is such a doll, and I will have tons of fun buying girl things for her!
Now into September we've been doing lots around the yard... the boys have a huge new sandbox thanks to dad, and also thanks to dad a brand new puppy named Foster (now called Fossie)