Thursday, 27 December 2012


Our family pictures
December 2011
Thanks for being so patient Landon :)
They turned out good considering 3 boys with no nap!
this is how they normally turn out...

after they found out we were going to red barn for supper "cheeeese"

photo credit - Kane age 3 :)


Summer time flashback.

Found a few pictures on my phone that I love! So I thought I would share.

Seems more latley that I am so grateful for these little boys who make me smile constantly


tubby tel :)

at d&j's cabin... i love this picture!

dads helpers

and how cute is this...

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Halloween was fun this year because the two older kiddos understood and remembered what was happening... Kane woke up halloween morning and said "I can't wait to hit all the halloween buttons" (door bells :) We had a fun evening with friends and lots of treats. It was really cold, but Kane-o was a treat trooper, while the other two had a nap in the back :)
On a more sad note... the snow has arrived in saskatchewan and it looks like it'll be around for a while! K and R are loving it this year for about five minutes at a time!



Again, terrible with keeping the blog updated.

Sweet baby Tel is no longer a baby. He's a walking, singing, sweet little toddler. I still feel like he's my little baby, until I see him walking across the living room, and I realize my baby is growning up. I could write on and on and get all mama-mushy but the bottom line is I love this boy so so much. Telly still loves snuggling and cuddles, so i'll take them while they last :)
Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So a couple months ago Tel and I flew home for my sisters baby shower in Victoria. Then two weeks we got to head home to meet brand new baby Ronan. He is truly a beautiful little man! We love him so much already!

The trip to Victoria was fun, short and sweet. But thats all we can manage :) Kane was wishing we could bring some mountains home, and Rye was in awe of the Osoyoos Valley and kept saying "its bootiful, its bootiful" as we drove down the hill...

The boys had lots of fun collecting seashells on the beach with Nana & Poppa. Playing with Auntie's and Uncles, & Great Gram. They went swimming, biking, enjoyed the warm sunshine, and of course all the snuggles with little Ronan.

My brother Cory moved to Estevan, so he followed us home. So excited for his new adventure!

I love being away but I love coming home! Baby Tel's birthday is right around the corner, and we have a couple of lions anxiously awaiting halloween!

my preggo sis with Tel

getting ready!

beautiful sisters!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Somedays (most days) this is how I feel.
Parenting is not all art projects, cookie making, and cozy snuggles.

Thursday, 27 September 2012


So all summer my blog has been neglected.
Not because I haven't had anything to share, or been so busy I couldn't share it... but mainly I felt like I should always be doing something else. Which is why I probably shouldn't be posting right now because there really is 85 other things that should be getting done! But today seems like a good day to put off a few of those things :)

The last days of summer are going, going... and now, almost gone. This has been a beautiful summer so no complaints from me. The weather has been right in sync with the season! We've spend hours outside this summer, spending time with Brennan in the pasture, going to the pool and the lake, quadding, and having fires in the valley. Spent our fair share of time inside too! Going to 2 or 3 cattle auctions a week. And then of course listening to our little auctioneers selling "nice black heiffers" from a stick shoved in the couch cushions in our livingroom! All in all its been a fabulous summer without any (well not too many) complaints from me!

So as the nights are getting darker, and the days a little crisper, we are looking forward to fall and leaves, pumpkins, trick or treating, apple cider, and all the cozy things that come with the next season...

We get to head home for thanksgiving to see my sisters new baby (yay!) I can't wait to hold her brand new bundle. Seems like yesterday she told me they were expecting, and now he's arrived! So we are all so excited to be heading to Victoria soon!

Then our littlest boy turns 1. It boggles my mind how a year has already gone. I can still remember the brandnewness (I know thats not really a word) of him. So sad how it goes so so fast. I wish you could hit pause sometimes. Then Brennan turns 30. I remind him of that now and then - haha! I can hardly believe i'll have a 30 year old husband!

So this is a little life update. The pictures don't really correspond with the post but most are self explanatory :) This is it until next time...

happy birthday Cheyanne

up to no good :)

bedtime snack at the new colouring table

good morning snuggles

breakfast smoothies in the tubbie

what could I possibly say about this...

into everything!

Kane loves taking pictures

11 months old

"so are you saying we should buy more cows?"

Kane with a snuggle from baby Brielle