Wednesday, 18 December 2013


So somedays I wonder (reeeeally wonder) why god ever thought I could handle parenting. I mean honestly after a day like today... wait actually only a morning has gone by! AHHH!!
Its certainly not easy, its mainly trying and exhausting...

Example 1:
Find my kids excitedly ripping their advent calendars to shreds (It was like a paper cardboard storm)
Kane hollers to me (seems to be the only noise level hes capable of latley) "we just realized its December so we can eat all of these. I obviously am terrible at explanations... So Chocolate everywhere!! You may be thinking "haha cute story" But its really not. Cardboard sticks to chocolate, chocolate sticks to windows, floors, and hair etc..

Example 2:
Folding laundry upstairs I hear 3 children laughing in unison. Always a bad thing. A few minutes pass and then Kane yells to me "you probably don't want to come downstairs" Again a bad thing.
So off I go down the stairs for the 98th trip of the morning to discover a large lake of sparkling sugar all over the living room floor. Of course all blame is pointed at the two year old who cannot speak except to say "mess" and "ngooo pank" I can see evidence on all 3 sets of toe prints... So off they go to sit on their beds (so I can calm down mostly)... meanwhile I start sweeping and mopping... which creates this ugly mess of sticky. And I feel like I could SCREAM! Then some little voice from upstairs says "Mom if were sitting here forever can we at least have a snack" I'm so glad he was upstairs and I was too exhausted to climb them for time 99...

This is just a picture of today, and mostly everyday. I thought I could be kind, patient and fun as a mother.... But on a good day I can only be patient. Fun seems a distant memory most days and kindness is stretched to the limit! Things that are suppose to be fun... turns out their really not! Like building a snowman... someone crying because their toe hurts in their boot, and someone else is crying because they wanted to hold the carrot.

Of course I've read enough articles and stories and witnessed enough parenting to know I'm not a bad momma by any stretch. However I pray these mischievous toddler stages aren't to damaging to this mom

I'm mainly documenting these days for myself in hopes it will all be laughable in 15 years :)